FRESSCO is a digital aggregator start-up focused on promoting, selling and delivering locally produced and plastic-free products from local businesses and producers in the UK. Fressco aims to effectively tackle the lack of agency in sourcing good quality produce from the local producers in London. Fressco is not just a business, but an idea that could revolutionise the way we purchase by adapting to a completely sustainable method of consumption. FRESSCO supplies the British market with ethically produced foods characterized for being locally produced and 100% plastic-free. Our platform promotes, sells and delivers selected products whose producers’ vision is driven by a sustainable initiative alike to FRESSCO’s. FRESSCO’s main goal is to tackle climate change by creating consciousness about the effects that our consumption choices might have on the environment. Our company is determined to balance the carbon emission and also reduce the amount of carbon emissions generated in the supply chain by simple initiatives that do not cost a fortune and make us better world citizens without affecting our needs and wants. Our initiative is simple: balance our carbon emission by planting trees. The optional CARBON TAX imposed by Fressco will contribute to balancing the carbon emission generated in the production and delivery of your purchase through the entire supply chain. Fressco also uses green methods such as delivering on a bicycle or electric scooter wherever possible. Each product will display the approximate carbon emission generated by your purchase. All you need to do to reverse the emission is CLICK on 1% carbon tax option when checking out.

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