OUR PURPOSE We strive to create products that are as good as possible for our minds and body. We do this by never adding artificial colorants, artificial flavors or sugar and always non-GMO ingredients We are what you see: We will always declare everything that goes in our products EKII MEANING Ekii means origin and source in wayu-arawak, one of the languages of the indigenous people in the Andes mountain range and in the Amazonas forest in Colombia. Ekii is origin. Ekii is to honor the power of nature, to respect our ancestors, to respect our equals. WE HONOR OUR ORIGIN Green Ekii donates a portion of its sales to SAVING THE AMAZON, an ONG that provides funding to local indigenous communities in the Amazonas forest to plant trees, while helpingthe community get a better future 31 YEARS Green Ekii is a Funat brand. We are proud to have been making natural products for 31 years.

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10 trees
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